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About Us

getITright is a Product Development and Management and IT Consultancy, providing quality products and highly experienced industry experts.

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Our Products

Incident Management

omniprIMe™. Prime Incident Management for Everywhere

omniprIMe™ is the Incident Management solution from getITright, providing affordable and powerful functionality for all market sectors.

Find out more about omniprIMe™, and how it makes Incident Management effective, efficient and timely.

Automatic Check on Presence


AutoCOP™ negates the need for officers to perform home visits, enabling the “claw-back” of man hours. Officers can then be more usefully deployed on operational policing duties.

Find out more about AutoCOP™, and how it proves that offenders are where they should be.

Community and Operational Police Hub


COPHub™ uses technology to open up communication channels between Police and communities.

Find out more about COPHub™, and how it enables effective and efficient community engagement.

Duty of Care

proteCtoR®. Biometrically led Duty of Care

proteCtoR® is the biometrically led product from getITright, providing ground breaking insights into staff welfare.

Find out more about proteCtoR®, how it works, and how it can help you enact Duty of Care for you and your employees.

Our Services

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