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omniprIMe Kanban Board

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Managing Incidents and information is an everyday activity in all walks of life, but how well it is done can make or break an organisation. At one end of the scale, successful Incident Management (IM) within mission critical environments can literally save lives, whilst other communities may be focused on a completely different need, such as managing non-life-threatening incidents within a school or hospital. The common requirement is to deliver a more efficient, effective resolution, ensuring the right people and the right resource are at the right location at the right time to deliver the best outcome.

Top-end IM software solutions are notoriously complex and as a result, very expensive to build, deliver and support. Consequently, they are often seen as the preserve of bodies such as Emergency Services (ES), Police, Fire & Ambulance, with other agencies and industries failing to recognise the benefits such solutions can bring to bear on their activities. getITright Ltd is challenging these antiquated views, using the latest software technologies to develop an IM based solution that delivers multi-functionality at low cost. omniprIMe™ has a very professional look and feel, with Incident Creation and Management being simple, straightforward and fast.

During production we have focused on achieving a high build quality, supportability, affordability, and ease of use. Utilising our combined knowledge, experience, and skills in the development of mission critical IM systems, we are totally confident that omniprIMe™ offers superb functionality to a varied and diverse range of market sectors, offering true benefit realisation in terms of effective, efficient, and timely management of incidents.

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