getITright selected by Bedfordshire Office of Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC) to provide Self-Service Public Access Terminals

4th October 2021

We are extremely proud to announce that getITright Ltd has been selected to undertake the development of a Technical Solution for Self-Service Public Access to Policing Services at Fixed Points & Via a Mobile Application for Bedfordshire Police, this piece of work being progressed by the Bedfordshire Office of Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC)

The development is a proof of concept based on our highly innovative COP (Community & Operational Policing) Hub™ product and will be available to the OPCC by the end of this year. The product once fully progressed will enable the public of Bedfordshire to directly undertake tasks such as Reporting an Incident and access an Update About My Crime, as part of its initial functionality, with the potential in the future for significantly enhanced functionality (including Web-Chat, Production of Documents, Uploading Video Images amongst other items) to be added incrementally.

The solution will enable a form of joint working between the police, partners and the community that has never before been possible; this will engender closer cooperation, build two-way respect and enhance confidence in policing and public contact.

At a time when police retention and recruitment are both under the spotlight, and the effects of BREXIT and the pandemic have been taking a huge toll on all of us, this unprecedented level of collaboration in the delivery of public safety has an exceptionally broad range of benefits to be realised by the Office of Police and Crime Commissioner and the community.

To be part of this hugely exciting project is an absolute honour and privilege for our business and the realisation of a genuine professional dream for Simon and I. Bringing Policing and their public together will change lives.

Quote from Clare Kelly, Chief Executive OPCC Bedfordshire: “We are really excited to be progressing this partnership and look forward to seeing the proof of concept being delivered to support communities across the county having enhanced methods of contact available to them to access Policing services”.

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getITright Launches omniprIMe™ - Prime Incident Management for Everywhere

27th August 2021

getITright are delighted to announce the launch of their new Incident Management solution - omniprIMe™

This exciting addition to our product set opens the door for many and varied vertical markets to harness the power of effective, efficient, and timely incident management. More information can be found here...

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getITright Launches AutoCOP™ - negating the need for officers to perform home visits, and enabling the “claw-back” of man hours.

27th August 2021

getITright are delighted to announce the launch of AutoCOP™ delivering potentially huge savings on police time by automating a time consuming but critical task.

More information this groundbreaking technological solution can be found here...

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getITright Launches COPHub™ - the Community and Operational Police Hub that Engages Communities

27th August 2021

getITright are delighted to announce the launch of COPHub™, using technology to open up communication channels between Police and communities.

Providing innovative ways of communicating with the Police, COPHub™ aims to remove the “them and us” attitude and drive a “working together” approach. More information can be found here...

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Unusual Bit of Business - Bringing Hope to People

25th August 2021

When I incorporated the business, one of my aims was to give something back to the environments in which I have spent my working life, these being MOD and Emergency Services; but equally important is the desire to help my fellow citizens in any way I can should such opportunity present itself. My business partner, Simon, is equally passionate about this stance.

The business has an extremely good range of partners assisting us, both at home and internationally, to broaden our footprint across other markets. This has led us to a position in which we have identified a solution that could potentially change people's lives in the Health sector. That solution is an IVF Prediction Calculator and may initially appear to be a strange area of interest for us. However, most people are aware of the misery that can result from failed IVF attempts, and the associated cost to those who have no choice but to pursue this option

The quoted success rate in the UK for successful IVF treatment is c35%; our partner's solution, built in tandem with Academics and Clinicians from Harvard and Boston Universities in the US has initial trial success rates of c93%. We are now seeking engagement with UK bodies (in Academia and Health) to help us move this remarkable solution forward. This activity sits well with our push on the product front and has the potential to make an enormous contribution to the lives of people who wish to have or add to their family. To be involved in this is a genuine honour and a privilege for getITright Ltd.

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23th August 2021

I am delighted to announce that John Lee will join the getITright team on the 30th August 2021, in the role of Solution Archirect on our ASCVid contract with ARES Security Inc. John is a very talented professional with a passion for designing, delivering and supporting outstanding solutions. He will also be heavily involved in the BD aspects of the Vidsys product customer base. He has a strong background in developing and mentoring young talent and will be heavily engaged in our graduate assistance programme in the future. We are looking forward to John’s arrival and know that he will bring real benefits to the business and our customers.

UK Free Ports - Current Position

23th August 2021

With the excitement of our progress on product, I forgot to add a little update on the UK Free Ports programme which we have been engaged in for quite some time. For those who may be unaware, we created a unique consortium some months back in order to prosecute opportunities on this programme; the consortium consists of three UK and one US companies. Our offer comprises Consultancy, Professional Services, Cloud Services, and an outstanding end-to-end Security Product provided by our US partner; the product was a key part of the US Free Port solution some years ago and represents a tried and tested system.

Since the Government awarded Free Port status to the eight successful English applicants in April, we have engaged all of them; unsurprisingly, the combined impact of BREXIT and the pandemic has fasted overall progress. Presently, the successful ports are in the process of submitting their business cases, which will be considered by Government at the end of the summer recess, with existing seed funding being awarded at that point. We suspect that this activity may slip with the likelihood that the overall programme will move out beyond the currently planned completion date of end-2022.

There are a range of key issues on which I have sought direction from central Government and have received confirmation that the appropriate department will provide updates shortly. The support provided by both our local MP and Government Ministers and their departments has been extremely focused and helpful for which we are very grateful. This particular programme is a key part of the Government’s build back better and levelling up initiatives, so it remains a very high priority for everyone, including ourselves.

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getITright Ltd Supports Mental Health Week

11th May 2021

As many people will know this is Mental Health week and whilst we fully support the focus this brings to the need to care for our families, friends, colleagues and customers at this time, we must not see this as a once a year activity. This focus needs to be maintained and indeed, increased in our daily lives; mental health challenges are not new and the pandemic has only served to drive the problem forward and more people than ever are in trouble. It isn’t acceptable to bury our heads in the sand any more, whatever our individual beliefs or views, the numbers speak for themselves and we must act now; it isn’t weak to seek help, nobody is going to sack you and let’s be completely honest, the vast majority of people have never experienced the stress levels we have all had to live with since March of last year. It takes more guts to admit something is wrong than it does to bottle it up; tell someone, share the load and get it sorted. getITright supports Mental Health week and wants everyone to continue their support after the event has concluded; take care of each other...

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getITright Ltd Creates Consortium for Freeports

6th May 2021

Freeports - What are They?

Traditionally, a Freeport is an area that is exempt from customs duties and tariffs to enable added-value processes to take place. This is because duty is only paid on goods upon leaving the Freeport area as a finished product and entering the UK market, and no payment is due if goods are re-exported. However, the UK Freeport model will look very different from traditional ones because our model encompasses a broad set of Government backed measures to stimulate economic activity and encourage the growth of certain industries while creating jobs and having a regenerative effect on ports’ and local communities, and will include levers relating to planning, tax, customs and innovation. Freeports is a key component of the Prime Minister’s “build back better” initiative which is designed to drive growth of the UK economy post-BREXIT and the COVID-19 pandemic.

getITright Ltd has created a consortium with UK/US partners in order to bring a unique end-to-end security offering to the market, with an initial focus on Freeports. We are extremely excited to be part of this amazing journey.

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getITright Ltd Signs Armed Forces Covenant

25th March 2021

I am immensely proud to announce that getITright Ltd has signed the Armed Forces Covenant and commit to enacting our undertakings in full in the years to follow. Things such as the covenant go a long way towards bringing our military and civilian communities together, which has never been more important in a peacetime environment. I am personally very proud of my service and of the military family, their commitment and sacrifice in the service of our country and their quality as the best in the world. Thank you

getITright Ltd presents proteCtoR® to NCMSG

9th March 2021

We had the privilege of presenting our proteCtoR® product to the National Contact Management Steering Group (NCMSG) on Tuesday 2nd March 2021. The product was well received and identified several forces with whom we will now commence trials and have the opportunity to demonstrate the truly outstanding mental health and wellbeing benefits that proteCtoR delivers as part of a wellbeing programme. The ability to proactively manage the delivery of statutory Duty of Care to key staff and mission critical CR workers is a game changer. These staff keep our ES support moving, ensuring the right resource, properly equipped, fully briefed and fully connected are deployed to meet our public safety needs. We must look after them, it's our duty to do so.

getITright Ltd launches proteCtoR® CaRescore

29th January 2021

getITright proteCtoR® now presents the captured biometric information as a proteCtoR® CaRescore, a simple, single number used to gauge wellbeing over time. With no mathematics or interpretation required, the proteCtoR® CaRescore can be used to monitor levels across individuals and teams, allowing proactive intervention should unacceptably high levels be detected.  This relieves huge pressure on supervisors who no longer need to rely on physical monitoring alone, enabling Duty of Care even when users are working remotely.

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