The Community and Operational Police Hub that helps brings Police and community together

Neighbourhood Policing plays an ever more prominent part in our communities, attempting to bring police and the public into closer contact, establishing better, stronger relationships and building confidence in the police delivery of public safety. In doing so, the aim is to remove the “them and us” attitude and drive a “working together” approach. COPHub™ can deliver a range of functionality to the public, enabling them to Report and Update crimes, Retrieve Property, and use Web Chat amongst other things.

By bringing the Police and their communities onto a common system, time and effort on reporting crime can be reduced, whilst enabling the public to complete and track reports on “their” crimes will have a powerful impact on their perception of supporting public safety. The common complaint of “I report a crime and then hear nothing” will also be addressed. The public has a right to hold the police to account and this is wholly recognised by Government at all levels, PCC’s, Chief officers, and the service itself. However, there needs to be a tangible, focused effort to drive the improvement in relationships, enhance trust, and to establish collaborative working; further to this, the time to act is now.

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