AutoCOP™ is an exciting new product from getITright Ltd and has been designed specifically to deliver potentially huge savings on police time by automating a critical task. The overarching benefit is the “claw-back” of man hours on which officers can then be more usefully deployed on operational policing duties.

It is common knowledge that our police service is suffering from a manpower shortage and whilst government is confident of achieving its target of adding c20,000 new recruits between 2019-2023, this will only address the tip of the iceberg. In the interim period between these dates, ever increasing pressures of work, desperation as to how they are perceived and treated, and a general feeling of alienation from the wider community will continue to deplete police numbers. Resignations, early retirement, and badly damaged morale across the service has increased and this will not have been factored in. Indeed, low morale itself will almost certainly make retention and recruitment significantly more challenging over the next 2 years. Automation of tasks is an alternative approach to increasing the number of officers available for frontline tasks.

Reality dictates that the majority of policing activities must be undertaken by a physical officer; however, certain tasks are entirely achievable using technology. A key element of the management of “tags” worn by offenders released from prison, either as part of the Integrated Offender Management (IOM) service or the recently established Home Detention Curfew (HDC) scheme, is one such task. Currently, it is a requirement for “tagged” offenders to be confined to a specific address for a period of time each day; to meet the terms of their release licence, their presence at the address during curfew must be checked and confirmed by a visit from a Police Officer/s

HDC’s are for prisoners who are serving a sentence between 3 months and 4 years. As a rule, early prison release occurs between two weeks and 135 days earlier than half term of the sentence. This new scheme will see those deemed suitable to participate on a tag for significant periods and will inevitably need a very capable, robust, and fool-proof monitoring solution; we believe that solution is AutoCOP™.

Our monitoring solution brings together innovative design and the latest technology to conduct multiple checks including Location, Speech and Facial Recognition to identify offenders and conduct a “Check on Presence”; we are also able to detect any separation between tag and offender or physical tampering with a tag. Where Organised Criminal Gangs (OCG) may have been able to assist offenders to overcome in-use systems in the past, we will seek to nullify this by recommending random timings on presence checks, as opposed to fixed timings.

AutoCOP™ delivers a significantly more robust test than existing monitoring systems by virtue of its multi-faceted system design. The solution provides increased confidence in the accuracy of its confirmation of offender compliance and through this, reduces the need for physical follow-up. This will free-up large numbers of officers across the service, making them available to get on with the more pressing tasks within operational policing.

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